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Resource Center

Please check back often for updates on this page! Thank you. If the link is not active please copy and paste the URL into your browser. Below are links to scholarly articles and journalistic pieces, as well as PDF files that offer suggestions and tips to get your courageous conversations started. Books or articles that are copy right protected are  listed as citations only. If you copy and paste them into your browser you can find out where they are available for purchase. Feel free to send us your suggestions and additions to this page.

Bullying Support

Tips for Recognizing Bullying:

OH Tips:

Alliance School Milwaukee:

Anti-bullying tips from Sydney Australia:

Anti bullying education:

Bullying Statistics:

LGBT suicide prevention resource center:

Free suicide prevention program for schools:

Identifying bullies and bullying prevention in schools:

Resource Nation anti-bullying info:

Great scholarly article freely available on-line:

Homophobic Bullying Update:

Bullying video PBS television:

GLSEN’s anti-bullying tips for schools, teachers, parents, and students:

Government Anti-Bullying Initiative:

Growing up LGBT in America HRC’s groundbreaking youth survey

Anti-bullying Tips

Cleveland State University professor talks about bullying

Suicide Risk and Prevention in LGBT Youth

New York University Athletes ‘It Gets Better’

Dateline – My Kid Would Never Do That

New Duke University study shows bullying changes chromosomes

Presiednt Obama endorses anti-bullying legislation

Trailer from the movie Bully—-Trailer-No-1-517276439 

Bullying statistics 

Bullying link 

Harassment based on actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression   

Anti bullying tips

Think before you speak – owning your language

GLSEN anti-bullying resources

Rates of bullying amongst high school and elementary school students – 2009 

Challenging conversations about teen suicide prevention 

Bullying/gay youth

A parent’s loss 

Talking Identity

Resources from GLAAD:

Support for parents of LGBT children/youth

Cysgender Privilege:

Identity development in gay youth:

List of gay themed adolescent literature List of Top 100 LBGTQ Teen Novels

Being Gay is OK resource site:

Definition of gender, sex, and sexual orientation 

Definition of terms (APA) 

Gender spectrum     

Defining gender fluidity   

Talking about about Shame  

Having challenging conversations    

LGBT identity development   

Supporting  LGBT children   

LGBT athletes and allies 

Compassion and the Church

Support Organization for people who have an LGBT parent 

APA’s educational document on understanding transgender diversity  

The gender puzzle 

LGBT affirming religious organizations and denominations – retrieved from APA website 

School and Leadership

A guide to creating equitable and supportive schools:


The Dalai Lama and Dr. Richard Davidson speak about community compassion!

Leading from Within by Palmer Parker

Becoming a school champion 

Teaching LGBT issues

Making schools safe for minority children 

Perceived social support of gay students in high school 

Creating safe spaces for all youth 

Safe school’s and GLBTQ youth 

Teacher who started GSA’s

Youth leadership model 

Youth empowerment and GSA’s 


State anti-bullying laws  

Student non-discrimination Act 2010 

Ohio law

Bullying and anti-bullying legislation

States with Safe Schools Laws

Books & Articles

When Biased Language Use is Associated With Bullying and Dominance Behavior: The Moderating Effect of Prejudice, V. Paul Poteat • Craig D. DiGiovanni.  (J Youth Adolescence (2010) 39:1123–1133 DOI 10.1007/s10964-010-9565-y).

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Bridging generations: Applying “adult” leadership theories to youth leadership development, Carole A. MacNeil. New directions for youth development: Vol 2006, I 109, p 1-127.

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School bullying by one or more ways: Does it matter and how do students cope? Skrzypiec, et al. School Psychology International, June2011, Vol.32, Issue 3, p 288 – 311.

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Family of Origin Environment and Adolescent Bullying Predict Young Adult Loneliness. Segrin, et al. Journal of Psychology, Jan2010, Vol. 45, Issue 1/2, p119 – 134.

Effects of Homophobic versus Nonhomophobic Victimization on School Commitment and the Moderating Effect of Teacher Attitudes in Brazilian Public Schools, Mandi, et al. Journal of LGBT Youth, Oct-Dec2011, Vol. 8 Issue 4, p 289 – 308.

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