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About Us


Dare2Care provides sponsored teens and teachers with a variety of transformative and leadership development opportunities creating fair minded leaders willing to educate others about identity and to bring awareness of bullying.



To create communities free of harassment, brutality, and indifference toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) youths.


About Us

Dare2Care is an Ohio based non-profit organization dedicated to providing leadership educational scholarship opportunities to teens and to fostering community awareness of LGBT bullying.

We are here to make a difference in the lives of our young people. Young people who are asking for better skills to talk to each other about what it means to live in community with others. Young people who will go on to be leaders and will take with them into their future what we have given them from our past. Young people who already know ‘bullying is wrong’ and are asking for the adults in their lives to give them what they need to show each other something different.

Dare2Care consists of:

  • Volunteer Board of Directors
  • A dynamic group of committee members made up of Event Planners, Model Agents, Artists and Directors of Show committed to presenting an annual fundraising Performance Arts Gala which is inclusive, arousing, educational, and courageous
  • Sponsored Teens and Teachers at Lakewood High School
  • Parents, Educators and Community members supporting our efforts to make a difference in the lives of young people
  • Donors that allow us to continue to provide scholarships


Core Beliefs

LGBT youth are harassed up to 7 times more than their ‘straight identified’ peers. They lose more school days, have more mental and physical health concerns, are more vulnerable to substance abuse, and are at four times greater risk for attempting and completing suicide.

LGBT focused bullying is not an LGBT issue, it is a human issue. Terms like fag, gay, dyke, homo, and queer, used as pejoratives, disempower, disenfranchise, and destabilize the tenets of equality.

Bullying is about fear as much as it is about aggression.  It is about difference and separation – misunderstanding and misconception.

An organization must imbue and demonstrate the character and courage that we hope to inspire in our youth in order to facilitate meaningful change. Although there are now many anti-bullying laws that have been passed in Ohio, students tell us that these laws have not necessarily translated into meaningful change at the most fundamental level – in how students speak to and treat each other.




1.  Leadership program at Lakewood High School for selected students and teachers:

Dare2Care has implemented a pilot study at Lakewood High School that provides leadership training abroad over a three year period to selected students and teachers. This training gives participants the skills to speak courageously and informatively about issues of identity including: race, class, culture, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, and ethnicity.  The students are challenged to apply what they have learned by leading the activities of “Club Identity” at Lakewood High School.

We have already seen tremendous growth and transformation in our student leaders and teacher mentors. In conjunction with our research partner, Cleveland State University, we are documenting this transformation at a personal, institutional, and community level.


2. Annual Poetry Competition

Dare 2Care has implemented an annual poetry competition to allow teens the opportunity to express themselves through creating a poem with a “Live and Let Live” theme which addresses the consequences of bigotry, specifically homophobia, and/or transphobia and the negativity they engender in our culture, lives, and hearts.   The top three winners are awarded college scholarships which aggregate to $6,000.

3. Workshops on Sex, Gender, and Diverse Identity

Dare2Care is working toward filling the gap between what is often believed about sex, gender, and diverse identities and what we know to be true about sex, gender, and diverse identities, based on accurate and well researched information.  Bi-annual workshops are presented free to the Great Cleveland community.

4. Sex, Gender, and Diverse Identity curriculum

Dare2Care has developed curriculum to provide 4th year medical students with tools to better address patient’s sex, gender, and diverse identities.

5. LGBTQ Leadership Seminar

Dare2Care is developing a seminar to be held at Cleveland State University for local high school students and undergraduates to expand courageous conversations amongst peers outside of Lakewood High School.


Fund Raising

We raise funds through our annual performance arts gala, corporate sponsorship, local grants, and generous personal donations. We have no administrative costs, personnel, or office overhead. Every dollar we receive is utilized to provide scholarships.


Get Engaged

  • Participate in our Work Shops
  • Attend our Gala
  • Volunteer at our Gala or on our Committees
  • Spread the Word
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