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Saks Fifth Avenue “Walk This Way Event” held on April 24, 2015

Dare 2 Care – 4/24/15 Event Recap

Dare 2 Care – 4/24/15 Event from Maria Alvarez on Vimeo.

Jan Mohat Speech

Jan Mohat Speech from Maria Alvarez on Vimeo.

Words Kill

Dare2Care – Unite Against Bullying PSA “Words Kill”. Students tell us repeatedly that these are the words that they and others use to diminish or denigrate their experience of themselves and others as worthwhile human beings. We are not suggesting that the use of pejorative language is going to completely stop, of course that would be a desirable goal, however, we are saying, please consider the impact of what you say, or hear said, and how you say it. These are words that are used in some context constantly and often dismissed as insignificant or “just a joke…you know I didn’t mean it”, but saying something mean when you don’t mean it IS mean!

- Directed by Marcy Ronen

Dare2Care Student Leadership Scholars

Lakewood High School students, teachers and parents talk about bullying, identity and what the Dare2Care Unite Against Bullying Leadership Scholarship has and is doing for them in Lakewood, OH in partnership with the Global Youth Leadership Institute (GYLI).

Dare2Care: Jason Brock X Factor – Part II

Dare2Care was honored to have X Factor Finalist Jason Brock at our May 1, 2013 event in Cleveland, OH. His performance electrified our audience and brought them to their feet, but his personal story of being bullied truly touched all our hearts. Here is Part II of II of his amazing performance. Dare2Care will forever love our Jason Brock.

Dare2Care 2013: Jason Brock from X Factor

Dare2Care: The L Project Performance

Dare2Care 2013 Poetry Competition Winners

1st place:  “Who Dares Judge Me” – India Pringle
2nd place:  “Roses in His Hand”  – Anonymous
3rd place:  “Make a Pact” – Rebecca Pappenhagen

Click to read all of the winning poems.

Dare2Care USA Interviews Lee Hirsch – Director of “Bully” in Cleveland



LET US HEAR YOUR VOICE! Tell us, in video, your definition of bullying. What are you going to do about the problem of bullying as you see it? Be creative, step out of the box, and take a risk. We will post your message on the Dare2Care website and the video with the most hits will be featured at our annual fundraiser.

Send us the link to your video at

Videos should be 1-2 minutes in length and will be reviewed for content before posting on the Dare2Care website.